Exploring the Best Indian Restaurants in New York City

Discover the best Indian restaurants in New York City! From South Indian cuisine to classic dishes, explore these top-rated spots for your next meal.

Exploring the Best Indian Restaurants in New York City

When it comes to finding the best Indian restaurants in New York City, there are plenty of options to choose from. From South Indian cuisine to classic dishes, there is something for everyone. Whether you're looking for a cozy spot to grab a bite or a place to host a special event, these top-rated Indian restaurants have you covered. Semma is a great example of South Indian cuisine, offering unique dishes that combine creative innovation with traditional flavors.

Chef Vijay Kumar is the mastermind behind Semma's fascinating flavors, and restaurateurs Roni Mazumdar and Chintan Pandya help bring the concept to life. The restaurant has received many awards from Zagat, Bon Appétit, The New York Times and more. Although Semma is slightly pricier than other options and has limited reservations, it is still worth a visit for its cultural experience. Bengal Tiger is an informal favorite in New York City, located in a charming spot with a hole in the wall atmosphere.

If you're looking for uncomplicated comforting Indian food, this restaurant is the perfect choice. With all the star players in Indian food on its simple menu, Bengal Tiger is an excellent option for New Yorkers who want to eat Indian food. However, due to its first-come, first-served policy, it may be difficult for tourists to plan their trip. Baazi takes Indian cuisine as we know it and turns it upside down.

From its creative food menu to its fun drink list and overall atmosphere, Baazi is an exciting place to be. Not only does Baazi draw inspiration from several regions of India, but also from Moroccan influences. The impressive culinary team comes from diverse backgrounds and experiences, resulting in an amalgamation of extraordinary flavors. Despite having a difficult start due to the pandemic, Baazi has gained considerable interest and support and looks promising for the future.

Moti Mahal Delux is more than just an Indian restaurant; it has roots in rich Indian traditions. This restaurant and its founders are related to the origins of tandoori chicken, one of the most iconic expressions of Indian cuisine. With cantone-style dishes that highlight classic flavors of India, Moti Mahal Delux offers a homely and family atmosphere that makes it a great spot for locals. Adda is another great option for locals looking for comfort food.

Translating to "a place to hang out", Adda offers simple yet delicious dishes that are executed amazingly well. This concept comes from restaurateurs Roni Mazumdar and Chintan Pandya, who are also known for acclaimed restaurants Semma and Dhamaka. Pippali is an excellent choice if you're planning a special event in New York City. Located on East 27th Street, Pippali serves delicious Indian cuisine in an elegant setting perfect for innovative dinners.

This restaurant elegantly hosts weddings, work functions and seminars on a regular basis and also offers an extensive catering program for takeout events elsewhere. Sapphire is another classic choice for Indian food in New York City. Located on the Upper West Side, this former restaurant features an abundance of colorful and delicious dishes that exemplify various regions of Indian cuisine. Although indoor and outdoor seating may be limited, Sapphire is definitely worth a visit if you can plan ahead. Finally, Masalawala & Sons in Park Slope reimagines some of their childhood staples from Calcutta and the surrounding West Bengal region with an emphasis on seafood.

Wrap the fish in banana leaves or try fried fish with a spicy mustard as a side dish - you won't be disappointed! Masalawala & Sons' food is up to par with their sister restaurants and their big party space will make you want to stay all night.

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